hydrate, energize,recover and nourish

Soultox is an All-Natural, Hydration and Recovery water madefor your mind, body, and soul. Our Fulvic - Humic infused mineral waterS was created to help your body perform better. We madea healthy water taste SOUL good with ZERO SUGARS, SWEETENERS, CARBS, and CALORIES. Sometimes you have to dig deep within the Soul of the earth to find mother nature's secret ingredientfor a happier and healthy you.

entrepeneur creates wellnessbrand after health scare

Vinnie Merrill explains how a health scare led to him founding Lucky Soul, Inc., a wellness brand that connects the mind, body and soul through an elevated product line.

hydration recovery water

Explore our range of Alkaline 10 pH Fulvic Gold Recovery water, thoughtfully crafted to take your hydration routine to the next level with a smile.

functional vegan mushroom gummies

Explore our vegan-friendly Calm Reishi Mushroom Gummies, infused with a blend of Reishi Mushrooms, L-Theanine, and Ashwagandha to promote relaxation and well-being.