While our world is recovering from all the craziness, our Minds, Bodies, and Souls to need to recover.  Earth's Gift To Your You is here. So let's Hydrate Better and Recover together.


What is the meaning of Soultox?

Soultox is a detox for your mind, body and soul. Removing toxins, and toxic people & environments from your life. Removing stressful situations that are not good for your health. Putting your body in a state of calm and peace from within. Life is going to attack you and Soultox wants to be life-long partner every step of the way to help you fight back.


Our Mission:

Create a super healthy recovery water, packed full of Essential Trace Minerals, made my Mother Earth...that doesn't taste like crap. A Delicious and healthier choice to help you HYDRATE ALL DAY and NIGHT.


What is Soultox water?

Soultox is functional Alkaline 10PH Hydration and Recovery Mineral water made with Fulvic and Humic Acid trace minerals. Our water has ZERO Sugars, No Sweeteners, No Carbs, No Cals, No Dyes, and All Natural Flavors that will shock your taste buds. We made a flavored water taste delicious, without adding all the Bull-Junk. 


We believe in Science...Houston "WE" have a problem.

The way mineral deficiency affects our health varies, depending on which mineral is lacking and your body's need for the mineral. Insomnia, emotional problems like anxiety, nervousness or depression and even constipation can be caused by lack of mineral magnesium. A super suppressed immune system and skin condition can occur if you don't get enough zinc in your diet. And fertility and heart conditions can be caused by a lack of mineral selenium. Our bodies cannot function to their full potential when they aren't given the necessary minerals. Even the most basic activities like getting enough sleep becomes difficult. These problems begin to snowball out of control.


Our Superstar ingredient....


Science of Fulvic Acid
The tiny molecules in fulvic acid are actually absorbed into the cell membranes, unlike humic acid with molecules that are too large to be absorbed. Fulvic acid is a low molecule weight or mineral whereas humic acid is a high molecular weight. When consumed, fulvic acid actually enhances the nutrient absorption capabilities of cells. It also binds with fluids in the body to facilitate detoxification

Science of Humic Acid
Humic acid protects our cells from the outside rather than through absorption into the cell itself. This Mineral rich substance helps fight free radicals attacking our cells. Our bodies are better able to defend themselves with the help of humic acid. Natural humic acid also improves overall gut health by removing toxins before they can be absorbed. This results in improvement in the digestive process and immune support.